Harmony Design – DA9

Harmony Design DA09 - 1 Harmony Design DA9 - 1 Harmony Design DA9 - 2 Harmony Design DA9 - 3 Harmony Design DA9 - 4 Harmony Design DA9 - 5 Harmony Design DA9 - 6

€ 699 – Harmony Design – Sweden – DA9 - review (2010) – review (2005)

summary : DAC – USB – coaxial – AES

Small Swedish audio company. DAC’s will be built on customer specifications ,

Harmony Design DAC’s :  DA9-RCA (€ 699) , DA9-XLR (€ 699) , DA9-RCA & Toslink ((€ 749) , DA9-RCA & USB ((€ 849)


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Korg – DS-DAC-10

Korg - DS-DAC-10-4Korg - DS-DAC-10-1 Korg - DS-DAC-10-2 Korg - DS-DAC-10-3  korg audiogate

$ 650 – Korg – Japan – DS-DAC-10 - preview (2012)

summary : USB only – PCM/DSD DAC

NOT available outside of Japan . It will output native DSD up to 5.6 Mhz, but only on Windows and with ASIO. Is not compatible with Mac. Free Audiogate  Korg’s own DSD playback software

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Aleks – DAC Luxor Solist

Aleks - Luxor Solist aleks - Luxor Solist2 aleks - Luxor Solist3 aleks - Luxor Solist4 aleks - Luxor Solist5

€ 1513 – Aleks – Russian Federation – DAC Luxor Solist

summary :  Tube DAC – no USB – coaxial – optical – AES

DAC Luxor Solist sample rate converter and digital-to-analog converter , All original input signals are converted to a format of  192 kHz , The basis of the digital-to-analog converter chip is the  CS4398 Cyrus Logic ,  The powersupply of  the  DAC “Luxor Solist”  is based on two transformers that provide a separate power supply for analog and digital circuits.

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Quad – Link D1

Quad Link D1 back Quad Link D1 front Quad Link D1 front2 Quad Link D1 psu Quad Link D1

€ 449 – Quad – UK – Link D1

summary : USB only

This product is USB 1.1 and 2.0 compliant , supports sampling frequencies ranging from 32kHz to 192kHz and incorporates a high quality digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) , It can also serve as an USB interface simply to convert the data of music files from your computer to SPDIF signal for use with outboard DAC’s  (DDC) , Owners of computers (Windows) are required to install corresponding driver software.

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PurePiPer – DAC A-1

Purepiper DAC A-1 front 2 Purepiper DAC A-1 front Purepiper DAC A-1 inside Purepiper DAC A-1 inside2 Purepiper DAC A-1 inside3 Purepiper DAC A-1 package Purepiper DAC A-1

$ 199 – PurePiPer – China – DAC A-1review (2010)

summary :  DAC – no USB

DAC from a Chinese company , professional package , quality inside very tidy and well organized , For the digital section DIR9001 digital receiver. It is limited to 24/96 but it is has a lower jitter than the CS8416 commonly used in other DACs  , for the DAC section, the DAC A-1 uses the CS4398. It is the top of the line Cirrus dac chip. It also uses the OPA2604 for the digital filtering. It is an audio grade opamp that is supposed to be better than the well known OPA2134 , As for the output stage, the DAC A-1 uses a discrete output stage with what seems to be 4 big output capacitors , the DAC A-1 doesn’t have a usb input , Purepiper offers a usb to spdif converter that sells for $22 but it is limited to 16/48

PurePiPer DAC / DDC  : DAC A-1 , Converter

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